Stakeholder Contact

Identification of Stakeholders

The major stakeholders of Bin Chuan Enterprise include investors/shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, government organizations, community members, etc.

Stakeholders Communication and Business Operation

For the purpose of fulfilling corporate social responsibility, the rights and interests of stakeholders are highly valued. Besides pursuing sustainable operation and profit, we also concern the issues of environment, society and corporate governance and include them in our management guidance and business operation to achieve the goal of sustainable operation.
Bin Chuan Enterprise will appreciate the reasonable expectations and needs of stakeholders from the following platforms, on which stakeholders can well communicate with us. Bin Chuan Enterprise will properly respond to all issues, including questions, complaints and suggestions about economics, society and environment. These issues will be resolved by the principle of good faith and feedbacks or improvement solutions will be provided for effective communication.

Employee Relationship:
Supplier Relationship:
Customer Relationship:
Investor Relationship: