About Bin Chuan

Bin Chuan Enterprise is a technology-oriented company, which specializes in the manufacturing of metal stamping products for computer and consumer electronics.
Bin Chuan Enterprise highlights the research and development of high value-added products. Its niche products have extremely exquisite appearance and extraordinarily precise structure. Bin Chuan Enterprise applies its the excellent technology to the daily operation and management.
The main production bases of Bin Chuan Enterprise are located in Wu-Jiang of Soochow, Bishan of Chongqing and Penang of Malaysia. These products are installed in consumer electronics, laptop computers, Multi-function printers, printers, power suppliers, computer CD-ROMs, uninterruptible power suppliers, monitors, etc. The parent company, Bin Chuan Enterprise (in Taiwan), serves as an R&D center for mold technology and coordinates the financial operations of the corporate.
We expect that we will continuously develop more products to comprehensively resolve customers’ problems about metal appearance and internal structures and extensively apply the convenient technology to benefit end users.

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